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Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

46° 21′ 11.52″ N, 124° 3′ 14.4″ W


As stunning as it is homey, and as rugged as it is relaxing, the Long Beach Peninsula is much more than a series of sleepy beach towns strewn about the longest strip of sand in the world (well, outside of Bangladesh, at least). It’s a destination that has something for everyone. Whether you’re in for the day, the weekend, or you’re planning on staying a while, you’ll find that just because you’re in a small town doesn’t mean that it’s small on things to do. 

For the adventurous there are parks and hikes a-plenty. From Cape Disappointment State Park to Lewis and Clark National Park, you’ll be soaking in the sights and sounds of ancient, old-growth Pacific Northwest in no time (you'll need a Discover Pass to get in to most of the parks). Or, if you’re hoping to do a bit more indoor adventuring, there’s always the amazing antique stores that speckle the area—and of course, there’s a good deal of coffee shopsbookstores, and boutiques that are bound to have something to pique your interest. 

Families, too, will have lots to do. Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic beachside getaway, or you’re hoping to tire your kids out for a week (or at least the car ride back), you won’t be short on things to do. You’ll be able to explore old forts, meander through historic towns, and even fly a kite—so you won’t have to worry about keeping the kiddos on their toes. And you can always go horseback ridingrent a bike, or learn to surf if you’re looking for a bit more adventure.

What more could you ask for than 28 miles of white sand beach set against the brooding, ever-changing Pacific Ocean? And considering you can forage for your own mushroomsharvest your own clams, and haul in an epic catch of salmon while you’re here, Long Beach holds a stunning array of activities—and if you're looking for an awesome place to stay, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. What’s more, you may find yourself making it more than just a vacation: it could turn into a tradition for years to come. 


Cape Disappointment State Park

Enchanting State Park

Discovery Trail

8.5 Miles of Beach

World's Largest Frying Pan

Clams, Anyone?

Kite Festival

International Kite Fest

Ilwaco Christmas

Shiny Lights!


Sand Sculpting!

Long Beach

28 Miles of Sand!

Clamming on the Coast

Do You Dig?

Long Beach Boardwalk

Ocean Breezes

Marsh's Free Museum

Unique Museum of Oddities